From the ground up, Seminole Services was formed with a commitment to using the latest technology to improve the safety and efficiency of today’s challenging and complex drilling and completion operations.

Based on the industry’s increasingly stringent regulations and safety requirements, the focus for Seminole is clear: employing the most advanced metallurgical and engineering technologies in order to develop tools that meet today’s demands for safety, reliability, and operational efficiency. The result of this orientation is seen in our PowerScrew™ torsionally set liner hanger.

In addition to our engineering expertise, we also bring strong real-world experience to the drilling and completion processes. We understand the necessity for ultra-reliable and efficient tools that add time and cost efficiency to these critical operations.

As the industry moves forward, so will we at Seminole, utilizing our technological expertise and extensive background in E&P operations to develop new tools that will contribute to the success of tomorrow’s drilling and completion efforts.