Powerscrew enters the Shale

Hart Publicaitons and E&P Magazine provided Seminole Services with a short editorial featuring the benefits of the Powerscrew in their Shale Technology Showcase featured in their July issue.  Read the editorial: EP jul-2017 65

Seminole Services is happy to be a part of OTC 2017

Come See us in Booth 6421.  Seminole Services designs, sells, and installs Stretch-formed Liner Hangers.  We offer a less complex design with lower manufacturing costs, higher reliability, and more operational flexibility than competing expandable systems.  The Powerscrew is the Oil Fields first mechanically set, metal-formed liner hanger.

5-1/2 x 7-5/8 Powerscrew Assembly

Seminole Services has commercialized a second Powerscrew Liner System.  Sized to set inside 7-5/8 intermediate casing, our next stretch formed liner hanger will provide more opportunities for operators in applications requiring 5in. or 5-1/2in. liners.  Driven by market demand, the new system has incorporated several improvements which allow for quicker assembly, better rig handling, and more versatility in sizing different intermediate casing weights.  The tool has been rigorously tested and qualified under ISO 14310 (API 11D1) with a V0 rating. Oiltool Engineering Services performed the third party testing service at their laboratory in Willis, TX .

The Journal of Petroleum Technology publishes “Metal-Formed Liner Hanger Avoids High-Setting-Pressure Requirements”

The Society of Petroleum Engineers’ premier monthly magazine, JPT, will publish details on the Powerscrew in their “Young Technology Showcase” feature.  The article discusses the general background of liner hanger development, the novel features of the Powerscrew Liner system, and specific tasks that were necessary for the tools commercialization.  To read the paper, click  JPT_YoungTechnology_Jan16

PowerScrew selected for “New Technology Showcase” Award

Aug 31, 2015 – Lafayette, LA – Seminole Services has been selected to present the “PowerScrew” at LAGCOE’s New Technology Showcase.  One of the world’s pioneer oil and gas industry expositions, LAGCOE was established in 1955 and is held biennially to showcase onshore and offshore energy industry products and services in the heart of America’s energy corridor.  The Powerscrew was selected from many exhibiting companies and had to meet the strenuous requirements of being New, Innovative, Proven, have Broad Interest, with a Significant Impact in our industry.

Seminole Services installs first Powerscrew Liner System!

Catoosa Well, Lucy 6G; Hallet OK….Seminole Services successfully installed a 7-5/8 39lb liner inside a 9-5/8 32.3lb intermediate casing string after reaming the liner to total depth.  A rotating cement head was utilized during the job to better facilitate the cementing operation.  The liner top was forged downhole through the use of a unique helical stretch forming technique that utilizes torsional energy from the top drive.  With a drop in torque, the liner top was fully integrated into the 9-5/8 casing and the setting tool retrieved from the well.  A perfect first run!


June 20, 2015 – The Woodlands, TX – Seminole Services, an engineering and service company focused on well completion solutions, has released the PowerScrew™ Torsionally Set Liner Hanger. This advanced tool utilizes modern metallurgy and mechanical design principles to help simplify well completion operations, as well as enhance safety and functionality.

Engineered with fewer components, the PowerScrew delivers ease of operation, a reliable mechanical setting process, and robust functionality. The tool features simplified operation, and provides superior hanging capacity and pressure containment.

PowerScrew employs a patent-pending stretch-forming technique to provide a superior connection between casing liners and intermediate casing strings. To help ensure reliable hanging and sealing performance, the tool’s liner top combines profiled packer elements and hardened slip wickers. In addition, the system’s running tool delivers superior tensile, compressive, and torsional strength, providing for successful deployment and target placement of the liner.

Stated Frank Mullins, General Manager of Seminole Services, “Well completion operations just became easier with the introduction of the PowerScrew. For those operators looking to advance their process and equipment, this is a tool that will help them realize their objectives.”

For more information about the PowerScrew Torsionally Set Liner Hanger such as specifications and the step-by-step running procedure, please visit Seminole-Services.com or email Frank Mullins at fmullins@seminole-services.com.


Built from the ground up on a foundation of solid mechanics and cutting-edge material science, Seminole Services was formed to help advance well completion operations within the oil and gas industry. Utilizing up-to-the-minute metallurgy and mechanical engineering design principles, the company is committed to developing innovative tools that combine ease of operation, safety, and functionality.